Update TICC Turning Module 2.0!

In addition to various detail improvements in the TICC program core, with this update we are delivering a new generation of the turning machining module with a significantly expanded scope of features.

Our developers have used the last months to significantly simplify the machining of even very complex turned parts and to bring it to a new level. We make use of all the advantages of the 3D module and a derived 2D rotation contour. But not only the performance has been improved, we have also implemented some new features in the user interface to improve the user experience.

Significant new features are:

  • Improved and simplified section splitting and time calculation of the respective machining based on a derived 2D rotation contour.
  • Functionally significantly enhanced user interface:

    • Complete machining is still possible.
      However, individual machining operations can also be created directly.

    • Using Multiselect, any number of standard or special machining operations can be selected and then automatically calculated.

    • Any contour sections can be freely defined.

    • User-specific templates:
      A machining sequence created by the user can be saved as a template and applied to any other contours.

    • Allowance for roughing and finishing can be selected separately.

      • Machining operations can be reordered.
        TICC recalculates all machining steps with each new sequence.
        This can drastically shorten machining times.

    • Machining progress is shown as a percentage.

    • Stock update after each machining step.

    • Updated workpiece blank is transferred to driven tools.

    • Updated workpiece blank is automatically saved and can be used for further projects/calculations.

    • Info tab now provides more clarity and details.

    • Undo-Redo function

    • Redesigned calculation sheet (PDF)

We are convinced that the new TICC turning module is an exceptionally powerful yet easy-to-use tool for demanding turning operations.

TICC Drehen Next Generation Kalkulation
TICC Drehen Next Generation Kalkulationsblatt