TICC – Wire erosion module



This example is for wire-eroding a base plate. Learn calculation how precisely and quickly calculation for your commissioned work can be completed based on the example.



In this workflow, the function of the TICC module wire erosion is described using an example. Get to know the work procedure and the individual work steps.


Loading the 3D model

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The workpiece can be read as a 3D model in SAT format, STEP, CATIA or other common CAD formats. If there is no 3D model, you can also use 2D data in DXF or DWG for performing the calculations.

Automatic edge recognition

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After loading the workpiece, a projection of the workpiece to be edited is set up based on an area selected by clocking, and aligned in the XY regular view at the same time.

The projection is used to derive all the corresponding edges that can now be selected for processing. After alignment, the contours to be processed are selected automatically.

Manual edge assignment option

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If a contour is not to be processed, it can be unselected easily by simply clicking it.

Automatic parameter assignment

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Afterwards, the material, roughing depth and a stored parameter set are selected, based on which the time is calculated. Parameter are already filed for some materials. Calculation can, therefore, commence at once. The parameters can be edited and expanded in any manner.

Equipment and secondary times

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Equipment and secondary times can, of course, also be included in the time calculation, just as all TICC modules.

Time calculation and data sheet

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The processing time is calculated with the set wire speed and the chosen parameters now. A well-structured presentation will give you the processing time and cut length of every individual contour, as well as an overview of different information on your workpiece, such as the processing duration in hours or days, the entire cut length, etc.

Data handover and cost calculation

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The TICC data sheet will come with all information in a printable form for your documents for the purpose of providing an overview.

Finally, the calculated times will be forwarded for your further cost calculation and/or offer calculation.

Lowering costs! Saving time! Increasing the calculation quality!

Optimise your work sequences now!