OPUS module

Module description

Integrated, secure and flexible NC program management with super-fast transfer of the data to the CNC machines and potentially updated program versions back to the DNC server. All in the network by Ethernet, at maximum speed and safety in transfer of your data. Gain valuable productive time on your CNC machines every single day. Your output will noticeably increase. OPUS DNC will pay off within approx. one year at a single program change on a CNC per day. When using several CNC machines with multiple program change after just a few months.

DNC Overview


Description of function

Important performance details:

OPUS integrates your machine optimally into your production network. No matter if you need or want to connect the machines via V.24 or whether your machines are network-capable.

There’s a good solution for anything. COM servers let you get your machines into the network even if you do not have any network connection at your control.

Send and receive your NC programs simply and efficiently with the OPUS DNC solution.


At the same time..

you will receive perfect management of your NC programs without annoying searches in directories.


  • Release/locking of individual NC programs (groups)
  • Assignment of NC programs to specific machines (groups)
  • Returning optimised programs
  • Comparing the original and returned program
  • Logging the data transfers

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