OPUS module

Milling and drilling

Milling and drilling

Module description

The generated work steps can be simulated and inspected for effects on the blank at once.

Graphically interactive presentation of contour-compatible area milling with island recognition at any number of contour elements. The entire calculation of the milling track is removed. Additionally, both individual milling, movements and areas specified in the polygon can be processed. The positioning paths can be cycle- and side-comprehensively optimise when drilling (tool path and sequence optimisation).

Additionally, rotary processing permits adjustment of processing sequences once created for different contours and blanks (part families). If the processing sequence and tools are similar, this will save a lot of time in program creation.

Working steps and


  • Multiple sides
  • Cylinder jacket processing
  • Trochoidal milling 5-axis areas in space
  • Multiple clamping
  • Feature transfer
  • WORK sequence plan for milling and drilling
  • Interactive design and optimisation of production and work schedules
  • Generation of the NC records independently of the control
  • Blank dimensions and clamping environments are considered in the calculation

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