Everyone felt the tension before we opened our doors to many users and potential customers at our TICC meeting last week.
Many questions had to be answered, and the colleagues may have even felt a bit of stage fright. How would the innovations be received? How do our ideas for the future correspond to the wishes and needs of current and future customers?

The last week showed us once again that our TICC calculation software stands out for being unique and diverse.

We would like to thank everyone involved here.

We are grateful for everyone who travelled from near and far to visit us in the Westerwald. We already look forward to next year, when we can say once again: “Welcome to R+B – Have a look behind the scenes”. Great thing like this just have to be repeated.

You and your company didn’t attend? Look forward to the upcoming newsletters, where we will also report on innovations. You can also call us for a personal consultation on your options with TICC.