TICC (Time and Cost Calculation), the most innovative software solution for time and cost calculation of components in order/cost calculation and manufacturing, once again sets the standards in the market with version 21 with new and improved features:

Speed even with highest demands
Intelligent and further optimized algorithms guarantee shortest analysis times even for the most complex components with several thousand machining surfaces and features.

Further improved automatic feature recognition
TICC reliably identifies a large number of possible machining operations on components automatically in a few seconds. Manual editing is possible at any time and easily, but is reduced to a minimum.

Individually definable machining strategies
With TICC you can integrate your individual manufacturing know-how perfectly and automatically into all calculations

Individually adaptable reportings
You determine who gets what information with what level of detail. Transparency and reliability in calculation made easy.

With TICC V21, you can achieve a new level of speed, calculation reliability and transparency in your order and cost calculation, even with the most complex requirements.