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Calculation method




On a competitive market, it is a decisive benefit to be able to react quickly to customer queries with precise quotations.

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The planned time calculation module gives the user a highly flexible tool based on EXCEL VBA”.

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Specific “target costing” for production development, purchasing and sales requires objective and transparent costs and comparison of quotations.

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More time – more safety – more profit

Calculation methods in the workflow

Use the offer calculation of TICC to calculate your products quickly, precisely and economically. All calculations steps are transparent and comprehensible. they supply the right information on material costs, equipment and secondary times. Compile any staggered quantities under consideration of bills of materials and work schedules.


TICC lets you compile detailed quotations even for demanding production parts, without needing to set up a work schedule first.

Selecting items

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You will receive a query for one of your products or a product to be produced anew by email. If it is an existing item of your repertoire, you can select the item with the associated bill of materials from the database; otherwise, you can set up a new item.

Creating a bill of materials

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When a new item is set up, create the associated bill of materials in the next step. It can represent an individual component, a purchased part or an entire assembly. Of course, you can also set up alternative bills of material for comparison.

Determining the material

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Then the material or the substance is determined and set up. The integrated material calculator is used to determine a conversion factor that is used, among other things, for price determination.

Determining the processing time

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If any processing steps are necessary, a work or sequence plan will be compiled. The corresponding processing times of the machines or resources can be entered manually, determined with defined planned times or comfortably calculated graphically interactively.

Determining the quotation price

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After all the correspondingly calculated working times are known, a quotation price is determined.

Detailed view

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A detailed table overview provides all information on the manufacturing costs, overhead costs, purchasing costs, profit, etc. You will also be able to indicate staggering that is reflected in the table in order to permit a comparison.

Now create a corresponding offer that you can send out by email at once.


Input dialogues and calculation routines that can be defined freely can be used for calculations that do not need any 3D model.

per work process

in the work schedule

Production planning

Machine occupation

Target/actual recalculation

Calculation of throughput time

External awarding

Material scheduling


TICC will inform companies early on about the production costs of their new products at alternative processing and precise comparison of various machine performance options and cost structures of own production and external contracting.

per workpiece

for assemblies

for alternative processing

for sales and purchasing

for product development

depending on piece number

depending on material

Use TICC for quick, precise and economically efficient calculation.

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